Power-as-a-Service for Datacenter, from Capex to Opex!

Webinar with Ebba Rydholm & Josefin Hällund, Business Development Datacenter at
Vattenfall Network Solutions 


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Do you need to own the parts that supply the data center with electricity? We can take care of your electrical installation together with management and ownership for over a contract period that usually lasts 10 years, thereby taking financial and functional responsibility, as well as electrical safety responsibility for the electrical installation.

Today, we have several large customers in the Data Center sector and talk daily with companies that are currently looking at large-scale electrification. In this webinar, Josefin Hällund and Ebba Rydhom will talk about what we are doing to enable this rapid development.

Date:  12/3/2024

Time: 09:00

Place: Microsoft Teams

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